The Artist

Boss Eagle a.k.a. The Firebird

Originally, from Harvey, Illinois, Boss Eagle (aka Jamaal Curry) is a Billboard-charting Hip-Hop artist, actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. His debut record, The Firebird Album (released Nov. 2017) has already been generating buzz in the Colorado music scene, and is streaming in U.S. cities such as Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago, and in many countries around the world. 

photo: Jeff Baldwin Photography

No stranger to the stage, Curry has been performing all of his life -- and writing has always been a strong suit. He grew up in the "Golden Era of Hip-Hop" and cites the Notorious B.I.G. as his favorite rapper, along with emcees like LL Cool J, 2Pac and Nas. As a young teen, he'd written a letter to Puff Daddy, to tell him of his rap aspirations, but alas, the letter never made it from his bedroom dresser. In high school, Curry began doing theatre and found a love for hip hop dancing. After a year living in Orlando, Florida, Curry returned to Colorado, where he would go on to graduate from Colorado State University.

After years of working professionally in banking and higher ed., Curry had that "itch" again to write lyrics. After hearing the indie-pop ballad "Letter Never Sent" by Young Summer & Trent Dabbs on Pandora, he wrote a verse over the bridge section. Six months later he recorded his mix on the song and uploaded it to SoundCloud just for fun. Boss Eagle's rap mix version currently has over 4,100 plays!

That same process continued, as Curry would write verses on various songs, almost as if training for something bigger without even realizing it.

photo: Sunny Side Production

Curry resigned from his job in August 2016, and less than four months later was hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in his right lung. During that time, he and his wife also suffered a miscarriage. The next month, January 2017, Boss Eagle headed into the studio and recorded the track "Firebird" -- his first single. He'd intended to produce an EP containing about four songs, but instead spent most of the year working on what became a full-length LP. The Firebird Album was released on November 17th, 2017. The project was made almost completely under the radar -- no marketing, no promotion, nothing. Curry realizes this was due to "not knowing what you don't know." With the help of his wife, Boss Eagle's relentless pursuit of social media marketing, phone calls, text messaging, emails, etc., during the period of pre-release and release week helped his first record, The Firebird Album, debut at #5 on the Billboard Heatseekers Regional Chart. But Curry knows, next time he'll do things differently. 

Boss Eagle is just getting started, and knows he has a long way to go. But he's confident that his clean, relevant, storytelling style that still goes hard, will resonate with old-school and new-schoolers alike. And while hip-hop may be his genre, it's not his only influence. "I look at guys like James Brown, The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Andy Williams, and how they performed. That's what I want to do -- give the fans an experience; more than just a rap show."

Press Quote

"Versatility is the name of the game for Jamaal Curry. He's an actor, entrepreneur and filmmaker -- and he makes music under the moniker Boss Eagle. The song "Baby" off his debut "The Firebird Album" is an ode to love lost and regained, with production that harkens back to classic hip-hop."
- Daniel Mescher, Colorado Public Radio

photo: Jeff Baldwin Photography

photo: Sunny Side Production